How to Add WhatsApp Chat

How to Add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress Website {FREE} 2020


Hello friends, welcome to the, today I will teach you how you can add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress website.

WhatsApp is very popular Messenger App in today’s time! More and more people use it, so if you support your customer with the help of WhatsApp, then today’s post will help you a lot.

How to Add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress

There was a time when creating and blogging a website was quite smiling because there was no WordPress then everyone had to do it by codding, but today you can do all the work in WordPress very easily with the help of Plugin.

So in reality I teach you how to put WhatsApp Chat in WordPress website very easily without any code.


#01 Step

You have to put a plugin in your website, so this is why you go to your Deshboard> Plugin> Add New.

add whatsapp chat to wordpress

#02 Step

After this, you have to search in the Plugin Search box WAme chat, after this the Plugin will come in front of you, first install it and after installing it activate it.

add whatsapp chat to wordpress

#03 Step

After this you have to set this, so for this you go to Settings> WAme chat.

add whatsapp chat to wordpress

#04 Step

Here you have to set now, your WhatsApp number is the number you support your customer, you have to put that number here.

add whatsapp chat to wordpress

After this, you save the setting, just you are less, if any visitor visits your website, then it will show the option of WhatsApp chat, so I can show you by testing it live.

Now in the screenshot you see below, in this you will see an icon of WhatsApp, like if the visitor clicks on this icon, then whatsapp chat will open directly and you will be able to chat.

add whatsapp chat to wordpress

For example, if I clicked on the icon, then the screenshot you see below will open such a WhatsApp chat and you will be able to talk directly to the owner of the website, you will not need to enter the number, NATO will have to save the number.

add whatsapp chat to wordpress

WAme Advanced Settings

In this plugin, you get many advanced setting options, I understand all the details about all the settings.

In this option you can enter a default message, as the visitor clicks on the whatsapp button, this message will be attached to its message, in this you can also add the title, link of your website with some code.

{SITE} – This will add the title of your website.

{URL} – This will link your website URL.

{TITLE} – This will add the title of your web page.

Mobile Only
With this setting, you can hide the WhatsApp chat button on the desktop, if you only want to keep the WhatsApp chat in mobile then you can do it from this setting.

Position on Screen
You can change the position of whatsapp chat icon, from right side to left side icon.

Apart from this, there are many settings inside it, which you can do, you will find that video below; by watching this you can know about all the settings.

Final word
So, friends, I hope that you would have liked this information, if you liked it and feel that it is helpful, then share this post in social media.

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