Top 10 Best Website Builders Of 2020

Website builders have made the task of website development affordable and relatively easier. Best Website Builders Of 2020 All you need is an eye for design, a computer system, operating system such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc and an internet connection, and you may be able to create a good website even free! While this may seem a great deal especially for small businesses or startups, there are certain aspects where website builders fall short.

What Are Website Builders?

In simple words, website builders are tools or plugin which help in building a website. These tools are comprehensive and include all necessary to create a website without any coding or site design.

Today, website builders not only help you set up attractive and affordable websites that are mobile responsive from the start. You can integrate these websites with social media and e-commerce tools. The sites can be easily updated with time to stay current and secure.


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Here Are 10 Best Website Builders Of 2020

01. Wix Website Builder

Wix offers some great templates to get you started. With unique features such as a minified version of the website where you can preview how the various themes, titles, images and other elements of website design appear. An excellent option for e-commerce stores, Wix also provides a great platform to build websites for paid memberships, classes, bookings, paid registrations, etc.

The easy to use interface allows even non-experienced users to customize and set up a website quickly. Wix has remarkable customer support as well where users can send their queries which are addressed within a few hours. With an array of well-designed themes to choose from, Wix is a real powerhouse with some great potential ready to be unleashed.

02. Mozello

Mozello, unlike other similar tools available, is a website builder that allows a user to create multilingual websites for free. This can be a great bonus for businesses with a widespread audience. Best Website Builders Of 2020 Although it offers a variety of great features such as a blog, online store, and SEO, adding some aspects of a web page design such as the Gallery comes with some limitations.

When you create a website with Mozello, a small advertisement is displayed in the footer which often goes unnoticed by visitors. 500 Mb of free storage is included making the entire package quite enticing.

03. WordPress

WordPress is an open-source platform that was intended for blogs but has revolutionalized website development today. With a plethora of free plugins and themes available for WordPress, it has become a popular choice amongst small businesses looking to get started and build a good brand identity. You can create your website or add a plugin or tool to a current WordPress website that offers visual editing, toggle or drag and drop editing.

Although offers a free plan, the premium plan allows the user to monetize the site, a lucrative way of capitalizing your website. With paid plans starting at $96/year, the user also gains access to even more themes and customization features.

An advantage of using this website builder is related to hosting. There are plenty of trusted platforms offering WordPress hosting. These sites are specially optimized for WordPress. So, the site takes care of all of your hosting worries.

04. Squarespace

Squarespace has swiftly made its place in the field of website development field, a feat backed by their podcast and YouTube marketing. While using a website builder, beginners might be enticed with having abundant options and features, but as you start building your website, it can actually lead to confusion and decision fatigue. This is where Squarespace wins the bout.

The entire process is streamlined, and once you have finalized a theme, you click on a particular box and it offers a set of customizations to choose from. With Squarespace, you can build a conventional website at a price of $144 peryear and an online store for $312 per year.

05. Divi

Divi is a great website builder plugin for creating modular WordPress websites. You can install the plugin with an existing WordPress setup or start again. Instead of editing an HTML file or Code, Divi provides a smooth drag and drop visual editor. This offers greater control over the design for the user.

You can create the entire web page design and add essential elements such as text, sliders, forms, images, videos, etc. Divi also allows various custom effects such as shadow, hover, etc. are enhancing the entire user experience. A single Divi website license costs for $89/year and a lifetime license for unlimited WordPress websites it costs at $249.

06. GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy is known for its hosting and domain services, but the company also offers its very own website builder. The user can choose from a variety of pre-made templates which are categorized based on the purpose of the website.

The tool completely supports e-commerce website as well as a scheduling setup. The key feature with GoDaddy is that it offers one month of free trial. During this period you can check out all the features of the tool and hire a logo designer to create some great logos if you are just starting.

07. Strikingly

Many business owners are on a lookout of heavy and extensive websites from day one. Building a site which has it all takes time. As you are setting up your business, you can choose their free plan and set up a single page website to start creating your digital footprint. Combined with their premade themes and some great graphic design ideas, you can start spreading the word amongst your targetted audience before the grand opening.

The tool offers an iOS as well as Android Mobile app for editing the website on the go, something you rarely find with a website builder.

08. Webflow

Unlike most of the website builders, Webflow has been created keeping in mind developers and designers. Signing up on the tool is an easy process and adding credit card information is not mandatory. The user benefits from the tones of fun and comprehensive tutorials on how to better use the tool.

The user interface may prove difficult for amateurs to get used to and the blank theme may seem unattractive. But the tool packs a punch for the professionals and may end up being a staple for website designers just like Photoshop is for any graphic designer.

09. BoldGrid

BoldGrid is one of the visual builders which allow the user to preview a web page as it would appear to a visitor. You can click on a section you wish to edit and build the website according to your preferences. BoldGrid website builder can also be used with an already setup WordPress website. The tool uses the CMS (Content Management System) part of the WordPress Setup.

Any user can use this builder with or without any past designing and development skills.

10. SiteBuilder

With over 200,000 users and 1200 template designs to choose from, SiteBuilder is no doubt one of the top contenders for building a good website design in 2020. Just as AI-based graphics tools have made it possible for beginners to create a logo, Website builders such as SiteBuilder, allow users in creating enticing websites using the drag and drop features.

The tool rightly boasts of a near-flawless uptime for the website which is a cherry on the top. Best Website Builders Of 2020 Not only is the website design adding to great user experience, but it is also affordable, and you won’t have to compromise on performance.

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