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The Best Web Hosting Companies - 2020



SiteGround, with best support team, powerful backend is one of the top choice for shared hosting service with Joomla and WordPress Optimization. It is also one of the recommended hosts by
Based on 17 months data on speed and uptime,

10 of 10 Stars


Bluehost, an officially recommended host by has the best uptime, fast loading speed and offers a comprehensive package at a competitive price.
Here we have some Bluehost averages based on 17 months data:

10 of 9 Stars


Hostinger, with a starting price of $0.99/month, is one of the cheapest hosting providers in 2020. Though cheap, it is FAST. We measured its loading SPEED for 17 months now and here are the results:

The server takes about 0.19 seconds to respond with the first byte of data.

10 of 8.9 Stars

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